Enhanced Ventilator Alarm System

No matter how dedicated, nursing staff cannot be everywhere at once. This is where our unique ventilator alarm systems can help. Our patented ventilator alarm system links your patients to your staff 24 hours a day.

How it works:

  • When a monitored ventilator goes into alarm, the patient’s room number is immediately visible to the nursing station or other notification devices.
  • Our ventilator alarms enable medical personnel on duty to receive immediate feedback as to which device is alarming.
  • The remote alarm system then resets when the device returns to normal operation, either by medical personnel intervention at the unit, or patient stabilizes and device resets on its own.

This innovative system is independent of the nurse call system and will provide a unique indication of ventilator/patient monitor operation, allowing therapists and nurses to provide a higher standard of health care.

See how the alarm stages work.

Our ventilator alarm system offers many special features, including:

  • DC power supply with battery backup
  • Multi-zone indicator panel(s)
  • Loss of AC and low battery power indicators at annunciator panel
  • System lamp test button at annunciator panel
  • System tone test button at annunciator panel
  • Distinctive sounding ceiling or wall-mounted sounders with volume control
  • Time delayed volume level increase
  • Time delayed tone change
  • High intensity LED indicators on sounders for system identification
  • System volume control for all sounders in system
  • Ceiling or wall-mounted single or multi-zone dome lamps for visual indication
  • Centrally located equipment cabinet for electronics and cabling
  • Variety of wall jacks for interfacing ventilators to alarm system

Awarded US Patent # 7327219, February 2008

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