Ventilator Alarming Without Interruption

0-8 Seconds Door Light /No Audible
9-30 Seconds Door Light / Ceiling Speakers
31-45 Seconds Door Light/Ceiling Speakers/Panel Alarm
46-50 Seconds Door Light/Panel Alarm/Verbal Announcement
51+ Seconds Door Light/Ceiling Speakers With Volume Increase/Panel Alarm Verbal Every 30-seconds

Stage 1 - When ventilator is alarming for less than 8-seconds, door light will be active, external alarm will be silent. Helps reduce nuisance alarms.

Stage 2 - Ventilator is active for more than 8 seconds, ceiling speakers will alarm, typically at a reduced volume. This stage is typically set for 30- 45 seconds.

Stage 3 - After 30 – 45 seconds the audible pulse will increase alarming at panel along with the ceiling speakers.

Stage 4 - After 45 seconds, a verbal announcement will be heard through the ceiling speakers to alert staff that alarm has been ringing for an extended period of time.

Stage 5 - Once the verbal announcement has ended, the volume of the audible alarm through the ceiling speakers will increase. The annunciator panel will continue to ring.

Stage 6 - Every 30 seconds thereafter the verbal announcement will repeat.

Timing can be changed for above stages.